About What Obama Did After Marine Died- His Mother Claims | MAINSTREAM MEDIA SILENT

While the media has been up in arms over another phony scandal involving President Trump, they keep missing the real stories out there.

They have no interest in reporting any fact that goes against their cozy little anti-Trump narrative.

The media has turned into shills for an idea or political party and is relentless in pushing their story lines.

But every once in a while the truth sneaks in and exposes them. Like what just happened when a gold star mother came forward and revealed the horribly insensitive thing Obama’s admin did to her after her Marine son died in Afghanistan.

Julie Schrock, whose son, Cpl. Max Donahue died at age 23, told the sad truth to the New York Post and Obama is not happy.

She said, “I’m a Gold Star mother and it pains me to see what is happening. The media bias is obvious to anyone willing to dig a little deeper than just believing what they hear on the news.”

Correct. They take a political hack like Frederica Wilson’s word for it and don’t care for the truth.

If they had cared for the truth they would have made what this gold star mother said next their headline, because it is a real scandal.

“When my son died, then President Obama not only made no effort to reach out, but the condolence letter we received was signed by a computer. He didn’t even sign the letter!”

But it gets worse,

“Then, when I received multiple copies of the letter, I was told there was a computer ‘glitch’ that wasn’t fixed yet so more would probably keep coming and I should just throw them away. Not even a Sorry!”

She had to keep getting the same heartbreaking letters day after day reminding her of the tragedy and they didn’t apologize let alone fix it?

“I anonymously reported this to our local news station, which ran it one time versus the three days of Trump mishandling of a Gold star condolence. Sad and hurtful to say the least,” she concluded.

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